Welcome to my blog!

As working professional women, or as students you don’t always have time   …time to read all the news in print or leaf through all the magazines that you would like to read   …time to digest all the new stuff that the fashion world has to offer us.

As for me, within the frame work of my profession and because of my personal interest I invest a considerable amount of time flipping through. I have to keep myself up to date in the fields of fashion, cosmetics and social activities that the Big Apple has to offer.

It is then only natural that I should share my experiences and knowledge by way of an informal web log. This way you, my extended circle of friends and family and I can meet here from time to time, to get an update on things that are close to my heart -and hopefully are of interest to you too. I would be thrilled if you can offer your opinions and new ideas on things that I share with you here on this forum. 


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